1. Aruba Vacation Rentals Foundation (AVRF) is building and bringing awareness of the vacation rental accommodations in Aruba by giving them a voice. AVRF will strive to build and maintain close ties with organizations such as The Minister of Tourism, The Minster of Economic Affairs, ATA, AAA, The Department of Environmental Affairs, to ensure members participations and input are at the highest possible levels. AVRF will work towards creating clear rules and regulations with the government for vacation rental accommodations. AVRF will promote the positive impact that vacation rental accommodations provide to the Aruban community and economy.

  2. Aruba Vacation Rentals Foundation facilitates the growth, development and sustainability of tourism businesses. This is achieved through several products and services that provide hands-on, step-by-step support and guidance, ultimately leading to improved product quality, operational efficiency and market reach. AVRF also stands for providing an advantage for members through benefits and services.

  3. Aruba Vacation Rentals Foundation wants to build and maintain a standard for the vacation rental accommodations in Aruba by providing guidelines to accommodations. By achieving this AVRF will provide a code of ethics and trust among members.


Aruba Vacation Rentals Foundation (AVRF) strives to represent most of the vacation rental accommodations community. AVRF will be the voice for the vacation rental accommodations community. We will inspire unity, innovation, and industry excellence. AVRF’s promise is to deliver quality services and value to members as we protect and promote a prosperous future for the vacation rental industry of Aruba.

We shall be committed to:

  • Ensuring the wellbeing and self-worth of our members, who are of the utmost importance to us.

  • Contributing to the community, the tourism industry and to Aruba in general.

  • To empower our members, by giving them the knowledge and resources to deliver exceptional guest hospitality and homeowner satisfaction. Ultimately creating positive, and memorable experiences.

  • Delighting our guests, whose comfort, safety, and well-being are our main reason for being.

  • Maintaining a good relationship among vacation rental guests, property owners, neighborhoods, property owner associations and residents of Aruba.

  • Maximizing the efficiency of our processes, to enable us to be the most cost-effective brand offering the greatest value, which our customers have every right to expect.

  • Becoming the biggest Foundation in the Tourism Industry in Aruba

To protect and develop our members interests, to achieve new levels of success and excellence and maintain the vital role within the hospitality industry as an integral part of the Aruban way of life. With passion, commitment and teamwork we will provide:

  • Representation

  • Advice

  • Research

  • Knowledge

  • Negotiation

  • Lobbying

  • Advocacy

  • Member Events, Meetings and Commercial Benefits

Reason to become a member

Collaboration and Inclusion
We bring the professionally managed vacation rental accommodations community together to listen, learn, and innovate so that members can grow their business and enhance the guest and homeowner experiences. We set a standard for our members to abide by a code of ethics and standards to deliver exceptional service and quality.

Integrity and Accountability
We will always maintain the highest standards of fairness and transparency in all our dealings and help our members do the right thing.

Fun and Passion
We go the extra mile to support our members and the professionally managed vacation rental accommodations community.


We work to earn the trust of our members and the residents of Aruba by delivering on our promises.

We inspect all members to ensure that guest receive the best quality, an safe environment and value for their money.


We are always on vacation because we love what we do! Our members are happy because we deliver measurable results for their businesses that, in turn, increase the happiness of the guests and homeowners they serve. We will create an exciting and spirited work environment encouraging our members, colleagues, guests and partners to think freely.

Teamwork and Unity
We recognize that performance is always the result of teamwork.

Ownership and Leadership
We always take responsibility for our actions.

Respect and Empathy
We will always exhibit respect and concern for members, colleagues, guests and partners.

Sharing knowledge
We will ensure to help vacation rental accommodations who seek help and guidance


We will always drive excellence in what we do.

Key Objectives:

  • To maintain high standards of service

  • To promote and protect the rights and interests of licensed vacation rental accommodations.

  • Otherwise assist, represent and act on behalf of the members.

  • Engage in commercial activities that are in the members interests.

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